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We are always excited to have customers purchase our products and we look forward to serving you. We specialize in finding the right solution for your surveillance needs and look forward to helping you purchase your Eclipse products. We have highlighted the steps below to help you begin your purchase of Eclipse surveillance products.


Register With Us

Begin by registering with us and providing us with as many details as possible about your needs. This will allow us to provide you with a quote based on your needs. If there is a specific product you are interested in please mention the product. 

Here are some of the common questions we ask you to answer. 

  • Is this for a home or business?
  • Do you need cameras indoors, outdoors, or both?
  • How many cameras do you need indoors and how many outdoors?
  • How long would you like to record? (How many days or months of recording would you like to have backed up? )
  • Is this to replace an existing system or a new installation?

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Prepare Quote

After registering with us we will begin to put together an estimate based on your needs. If we need to further clarify your needs or have questions, we will reach out to you prior to delivering a quote.

Once we have a quote prepared, we will send you the quote via email for your review and acceptance. The quote will provide an assigned authorized Eclipse dealer that will perform the work needed and service your system moving forward. 



Accept Quote

Upon receiving our quote, you will be asked to accept the quote and proceed to your account where you will pay for your products and service. The accepted estimate will now become an official order and the assigned authorized dealer will contact you to schedule your installation and/or service.  

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