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UL listed products

ul listed products

 Like most IT devices similar to Wi-Fi switches, access points, and VOIP phones, IP-based security cameras come under (NEC) National Electrical Code sections that are applicable as (LPS) Limited Power Source equipment since they get powered directly from a location that is central or source by way of PoE. UL fire & safety usually do not require listings for LPS devices as they meet the certification and criteria of these respective power sources (router, the splitter, switch, etc..). Nevertheless, regional as well as municipal requirements throughout the U.S.A. frequently require UL certification for surveillance cameras used in security installations. If the products aren’t UL Listed, a different inspection is usually needed. 

 LPS products such as IP surveillance cameras generally are not required, nor need a UL listing, but there have been circumstances and times when our dealer or integrator’ projects were postponed simply because local inspectors demanded non-UL Listed product examination. To prevent this expense, as well as complications associated with these types of inspections, we decided to help our dealer partners by moving towards an all-UL solution. We’ll remain to work diligently with UL’s fire and safety association to be certain that all our security video products are UL Listed. 

 Having UL-listed products is very expensive and adds to the cost of goods sold. We think it's worth the additional costs and feel confident in selling our products to our dealers knowing full well they can install our products worldwide. Many companies do not sell or offer UL products yet continue to charge full price for their products. We highly suggest you reference your security product purchases to verify whether the products you are buying are indeed UL listed under the very brand name you are buying. Here is a copy of our UL-listed products direct from the UL website.

Information Technology Equipment Including Electrical Business EquipmenT

3900 N 29TH AVE

HD IP Camera, Model(s) ESG-IPS122X -xxxxxxxxI-yyyyyyyy-zzz






IP Camera, Model(s) ECL-IPBK2F3a-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (a36)

ECL-IPBL1F3-yyyyyyyy-zzz (^)

ECL-IPBL2F12-xxxxxxxxIRa-yyyyyyyy-zzz (^)

ECL-IPBM1F12a-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (a36)

ECL-IPBM1F3a-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (a36)

ECL-IPBM1F6a-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (a36)

ECL-IPBM2F12a-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (a36)

ECL-IPBM2F6a-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (a36)

ECL-IPBM4F12a-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (a36)

ECL-IPBM4F3a-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (a36)

ECL-IPBM4F6a-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (a36)

ECL-IPDM1F3-W-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (%)

ECL-IPDM1F6-W-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (%)

ECL-IPDM2F2-Da-yyyyyyyy-zzz (%)

ECL-IPDM2F3-D-xxxxxxxxIRa-yyyyyyyy-zzz (%)

ECL-IPDM2F6-D-xxxxxxxxIRa-yyyyyyyy-zzz (%)

IP Camera, HD IP Camera, Model(s) ESG-IPS120X-R-yyyyyyyP-zzz (f4)

ESG-IPS120X-RI-yyyyyyyP-zzz (f4)

IP Camera/HD IP Camera, Model(s) ESG-IPB1V2a-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (f)

ESG-IPB2V2-Za-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (f)

ESG-IPB2V2a-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (f)

ESG-IPB4V2-Za-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (f)

ESG-IPB4V2a-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (f)

ESG-IPBG1V2-D-xxxxxxxxIRa-yyyyyyyy-zzz (@)

ESG-IPBG1V2-xxxxxxxxIRa-yyyyyyyy-zzz (@)

ESG-IPBG1V2-Z-xxxxxxxxIRa-yyyyyyyy-zzz (@)

ESG-IPBG1V3-xxxxxxxxIRa-yyyyyyyy-zzz (@)

ESG-IPBG1V7-xxxxxxxxIRa-yyyyyyyy-zzz (@)

ESG-IPBG2V3-D-xxxxxxxxIRa-yyyyyyyy-zzz (@)

ESG-IPBG2V3-E-xxxxxxxxIRa-yyyyyyyy-zzz (@)

ESG-IPBG2V3-xxxxxxxxIRa-yyyyyyyy-zzz (@)

ESG-IPBG2V3-Z-xxxxxxxxIRa-yyyyyyyy-zzz (@)

ESG-IPBX1F3a-yyyyyyyy-zzz (f), ESG-IPBX1F6a-yyyyyyyy-zzz (f)

ESG-IPS130X-R-yyyyyyyP-zzz (f4)

ESG-IPS130X-RI-yyyyyyyP-zzz (f4)

ESG-IPS220X-RI-yyyyyyyP-zzz (f4)

ESG-IPS222X-R-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (f4)

ESG-IPS222X-RIa-yyyyyyyy-zzz (f)

ESG-IPS230X-R-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (f4)

ESG-IPS230X-RI-yyyyyyyP-zzz (f4)

ESG-IPS233X-RIAa-yyyyyyyy-zzz (f4)

ESG-IPS333X-RIa-yyyyyyyy-zzz (f)

Network Storage/Server, Model(s) ESG-NVR32-8-yyyyyyyy-zzz, ESG-NVR32H-8-yyyyyyyy-zzz, ESG-NVR64-8-yyyyyyyy-zzz, ESG-NVR64H-8-yyyyyyyy-zzz

Network Video Recorder, Model(s) ESG-NVR128HR-16-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (&)

ESG-NVR16-4-yyyyyyyy-zzz (c), ESG-NVR16-yyyyyyyy-zzz (-), ESG-NVR16-yyyyyyyy-zzz (c), ESG-NVR32-4-yyyyyyyy-zzz (c), ESG-NVR32P-4-yyyyyyyy-zzz (c), ESG-NVR4-yyyyyyyy-zzz (-)

ESG-NVR64HR-16-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyy-zzz (&)

ESG-NVR8-yyyyyyyy-zzz (-)

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