Eclipse View Cloud Connection

Eclipse View is a USA-based Cloud Management server hosted and controlled by Eclipse. Eclipse servers allow Eclipse Signature customers and dealers to remotely view live video or recordings of multiple locations. Eclipse View uses a web browser that eliminates the need for static IP connections or 3rd party pay-to-view DDNS services. Eclipse View applies P2P (Peer to Peer) technology to establish a private cloud connection between the network recorder, IP cameras, and mobile devices such as a PC, smartphone, or tablet. Once you enable P2P, the IP cameras or NVR initialize the connection with Eclipse cloud servers and establish the necessary credentials for the NVR or cameras to share the video.

Simply visit and follow the directions to register and log into your account.
Eclipse View Cloud

eclipse view


* Mobility: live view, playback, and device management anytime, anywhere

* Remote control: cloud device management by a cloud account; two-way audio, PTZ control

* Security: data encryption, pin/pattern password protection, each device can bind with only one cloud account

* Alarm notification: alarm notifications on a mobile device; view live video, alarm video, and snapshots

* Sharing: share devices; share videos/images through third-party apps

* Stability: P2P networking technology, elastic and scalable architecture

* Easy to use: add a device by QR code scanning, tap to switch live view/playback, cellular/Wi-Fi data usage

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