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A large number of households own a pet. Pets come in various forms whether it be fish, cats, dogs, iguanas, birds, ferrets, or even a potbellied pig. Animals offer companionship to pet owners and oftentimes they are considered part of the family. Monitoring your pets when you are away is vital and surveillance cameras for pets can help assure pet owners their pets are ok while out of town. Cameras can make sure cats and dogs are not causing damage and allow you to monitor them live while you are away from your home. Pet Video Surveillance is a great solution for the pet owner concerned.

Petcam Benefits

Pet Safety HD security cameras installed by your pet enclosures, kennels, or cages allow pet owners to monitor their animals while at work or away from home. Network-enabled digital video recorders or cameras allow owners to monitor their beloved pets from any PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android device anywhere in the world.

Pet Tracking and Movement Using newer smart technology HD security systems allow pet owners to be notified when pets enter or leave a specific area. With push notifications, you can even be alerted instantly when a pet enters a specific area you want to know about. This is perfect for the watchful, care-loving pet owner, or for the bad-tempered pet that is mischievous and gets in trouble. We suggest that you install cameras in those common areas where pets enter and exit, and simply set up your system to notify you accordingly.

Record Special Moments Pets tend to do crazy things and often times provide touching and hilarious moments that can be caught on camera when you are not looking or away from your home. A pet cam will record and catch all those hilarious moments, whether it’s a cat playing with a box, fish, or a simple string. Thanks to your pet cam you won’t miss a thing.

Pet Cam Risks

Damage – Placing cameras at eye level or on counters with an animal in the house can run the risk of being damaged or broken, especially with active pets like cats or dogs. You typically do not have to worry about this with other pets such as reptiles, rodents, and fish in an aquarium.

Pet Monitoring Camera Configuration
There are several factors to consider when installing video surveillance for pet cams. We suggest you consider each of the following when installing and purchasing your security cameras:

  • What kind of animals or animal do you have?
  • What areas do you want pet cams to monitor record?
  • What do you want to record? What kind of activity?
  • Do you need several cameras?
  • Are you looking for a DIY type of system or a more professional type of system?

Setup Advice for Animal Surveillance Cameras

  • Camera placement should be in those that pets often frequent
  • Consider placing cameras in locations that will stay away from glaring light from windows as to not affect your video.
  • Try and capture as much as an area possible when using cameras for monitoring animals in enclosures, cages or aquariums or other enclosures. This will give a nice overall view of everything surrounding the pets.
  • All cameras that may be used to monitor pets outdoors should be in a protective enclosure or made for outdoor use.
  • If you need more flexibility to consider a PTZ camera (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) which would allow you to remotely control the camera. You can move the camera in any direction you need to follow your pets.
Pet Video Surveillance

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