Some people use houseboats as their vacation home or primary residence. Properly securing this asset is important and helps the homeowner feel safe and secure whether at the property or not. It’s always a choice to have Security Cameras for Houseboats.

Houseboat security camera benefits

Ease of Installation – With newer HD cameras, technology installations are very easy to achieve. Many of the newer HD systems offer one-wire setup and installation. This allows the DIY type of installation to go smoothly and easier than most traditional CCTV systems that require more wires and cables.

Crime Prevention – Having cameras that are exposed and obvious helps curve intruders and thieves. Cameras that are visible tend to drive away potential criminals as they seek an easier target.

Peace of Mind – Having a separate set of eyes and ears helps you feel confident knowing your property is always being monitored and recorded.

Mobile and remote monitoring – New HD systems allow you to monitor your camera system at any time, and from anywhere you have an internet connection. You can use your Mac, PC, iPhone, or Android device to see, monitor, and playback video at any time.

Video Evidence –Insurance claims, break-ins, natural disasters, and other incidents are recorded and provide evidence in legal proceedings. They also help during prosecution in the event any criminal activity occurs

Visitor Monitoring –Frequent visitors to your property whether they are renters, strangers, friends, or trespassers will be constantly monitored and recorded. Houseboat surveillance cameras will help to protect your investment when you are not around.

Ricks of Houseboat Surveillance

Tampering and Vandalism – Cameras help to deter criminals, but some criminals try and disable or destroy the cameras to prevent detection.

Weather Conditions – Cameras that may encounter extreme weather temperatures, be exposed to saltwater and violent severe weather can experience harm and cause video loss. Make sure to select cameras that are meant for outdoor usage and take precautions when installing them. CCTV Camera System Selection for Houseboats. 

What to Consider.

  • Is your houseboat easily accessible to strangers?
  • How much time do you spend on the houseboat?
  • Is there a neighborhood watch, trusted neighbors, or a homeowner's association nearby that can alert you of any potential problems?
  • How far are the local authorities? Can they quickly reach your houseboat in an emergency?
  • How long does it take you to get to your houseboat if something happens?

Installation Advice for Houseboat Security Camera System

  • Consider installing cameras at all possible access points to your houseboat.
  • Install some secondary discreet cameras as a backup plan in case your main cameras are compromised.
  • Monitor your valuables such as electronics, safes, jewelry, expensive equipment, and other valuables so you may ensure they are protected while you’re away.
  • Try not to install cameras in those areas that may have renters or guests. If they expect privacy in those areas like bathrooms, and bedrooms you should not have a camera installed there. You can alert and inform guests that common areas are being monitored and recorded to help prevent theft or misconduct.
  • Always have a backup security system in the event the CCTV cameras are not able to record.

Security Cameras for Houseboats

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