Where to Install Retail CCTV Security Cameras

Where to Install Retail CCTV Security Cameras

Each and every storefront is unique with regard to its overall size and product arrangement, nevertheless, each one possesses an entry and exit, a sales floor, and cash registers. Install security cameras in close proximity to high-traffic and unsecured areas within the store to help reduce retail crimes. You should also, use security cameras to ensure that employees are theft will be documented and recorded on camera.

Parking Lot Security

Whenever a retail store or outlet has its own parking lot, give some thought to purchasing a video security system to protect this unique area. Automobile theft and break-ins are frequent at store parking lots for workers and consumers. Setting up HD video security cameras in your parking facilities can make license plate identification achievable, which happens to be enormously useful in situations where a perpetrator has fled the location in his or her automobile.

Exits and Entrances
Install your retail surveillance cameras directly above or perhaps in close proximity to your store’s exits and entrances to monitor the movement of consumers as well as workers. This position offers a very clear perspective of every individual entering and exiting your storefront. With high-quality HD video, you will identify and recognize faces and record them as evidence if needed.

Cash Registers
The truth is, the cash register is an exceptionally vulnerable area and needs to be supervised constantly. Unscrupulous staff will rob straight from the cash register. Managers have an ongoing set of duties, and can't continually be there to guarantee all product sales for the day are accounted for. Retail surveillance cameras ought to be installed above the register to observe and monitor all activities occurring at the register, like purchases, reimbursements, and even money counting. To capture workers who you believe are sweethearting, video cameras must be mounted straight above the scanner.

Sales Floors
Definitely provide your sales floor with one or more surveillance cameras. Determined by the size of your store, you might need numerous security cameras to protect the environment. Badly lit aisles or even spots that are hard to see need to be supervised by video cameras. Shoplifters are inclined to migrate in the direction of store areas that are lacking adequate customer support reps or have got significantly less visibility.

Warehouses are often targeted by thieves to steal cargo or inventory. An estimated $500 million in stolen cargo is taken from loading trucks, warehouses, and docks yearly. CCTV security cameras mounted on drop ceilings, main ceilings or beams help to oversee the inventory.

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