Trucking is a multi-billion-dollar business and is vital to our economy – 18 wheelers, lorries, semi-trucks are the kings of the road. They transport our goods from place to place, bringing consumers all the supplies they need and want as well as delivering businesses the merchandise they need. Truck stops are a way of life for long-haul truckers. Truck stops provide a rest haven for truckers, they can grab a meal, take a shower, and take a break from the monotony on the road. CCTV and security surveillance is a fantastic tool to help keep truck stops secure. Surveillance can help truck drivers and managers protect both the trucks and the merchandise of the truck stop.

Travel Station Security Camera Benefits

Building Protection- CCTV cameras strategically placed around a truck stop can protect the amenities and parking lot of the truck stop from harm. Big rigs, particularly those carting merchandise like consumer electronics or home appliances, are at higher risk of robbery and vicious crime. Surveillance cameras in the truck parking lot will help discourage these crimes and help to keep truckers as well as the truck stop safe.

Employee Protection – The physical establishments of the truck stop are likewise susceptible to the kinds of crimes that impact truckers in the parking lot. Video security cameras will help safeguard buildings, diners, and shower facilities in truck stops from robberies as well as other crimes.

Remote viewing – HD video allows TruckStop owners and managers to monitor and check up on their security at any time via the internet. HD video can be monitored via a PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android device.

Intelligent Video – HD security cameras and recorders allow owners and managers to search video based on movement, alarm triggers, and events. This shortens the time one needs to find and secure an incident. Incidents that were recorded can now be easily backed up to a memory stick, sent to an email or transferred over the web. There is no need to rewind and fast forward with today’s modern technology.

Truck Stop Security Camera Risks

Damage to cameras – Outdoor security cameras at truck stops are susceptible to damage, particularly those attributable to the outdoors or even perpetrators attempting to conceal their identities. A damaged video camera may well have an impact on the overall quality of truck stop video surveillance, which may seriously sacrifice the safety of a truck stop. Because of this, truck stops really should have an additional method of security set up apart from video surveillance no matter whether it be actual physical security (burglar alarm, for example) or even a security guard on the property at all times.

Privacy Concerns – Truck stops are appreciated by long-haul truckers simply because they offer food, bathrooms, along with a destination to relax from the job. Safeguard the privacy of relaxing truckers by maintaining video surveillance cameras in public areas, and away from showers. Take additional safety measures with parking lot cameras, making certain they observe the common area instead of pointing straight into any specific cab.

Truck Stop Surveillance Considerations

All truck stops vary. They come in different sizes, offer different amenities, and need specific security cameras based on their application. The security needs for the truck stops will rely on certain specific factors, like:

  • The location of the truck stop. Truck stops in rural areas may have different security concerns than a truck stop located in an urban area.
  • Has the truck stop had problems with theft or crime in the past?
  • Who do most often serve? Are your customers mostly traveling truckers? Do you have a mix of motorists and truckers?
  • Consider your greatest security threat? What is it?

Truck Stop Security Camera System Advice

  • Install security outdoor cameras around the truck stop perimeter parking lot. Especially if it's used a lot during the night. Make certain to use protective camera housings or cameras to minimize weather-related damages.
  • Be sure to install cameras by all exits and entries so you can help capture the detailed faces and license plates of every truck stop visitor
  • Cash registers should be monitored and recorded at all times. A camera overseeing the cash register or registers will help to protect employees and cash from possible robbery attempts; having a registered camera can also help with criminal investigations.
  • Your back offices and administration areas should also have cameras installed. This can help protect safes, employees, and off-the-floor merchandise.

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