Selecting a Retail CCTV Security System

Selecting a Retail CCTV Security System

Day and night vision and high-definition video footage are 2 instances of state-of-the-art camera technology which exist nowadays. In addition, there are a number of various body types, enclosures, and camera features to select from. Certain solutions and camera types are going to fit your retail business requirements much better than others.


HD-Video: HD (High-Definition) video cameras most typically offer display resolutions of 1080p 2MP up to 12MP 4K. There are many options for higher resolution cameras on the market but the most commonly used are the 2MP and 5MP. There are many security cameras that offer HD quality with as much as 20MP megapixel resolution. HD video is offered in both IP and HD-Coax. You get exceptional image quality and clarity with HD video when compared with older analog standard definition security video.

Day and Night Cameras

Day/night CCTV cameras can easily be seen in total darkness, as well as in considerably low-lit conditions. More expensive as compared to daytime HD cameras, this functionality is incredibly effective for after-hours surveillance whenever your retail outlet has already closed and the lighting is switched off. Moreover, day/night surveillance cameras protect the outside of your shop after dark, along with other low-lit regions, for instance, a car parking lot or storage warehouse. With new Starlight technology, you can also have color displayed at night for better detail.

Camera Body Styles

CCTV surveillance cameras possess noticeable distinctions in their physical appearance. Dome surveillance cameras are more beneficial for circumstances in which appearance and covertness are desired. Usually lighter in weight, smaller, and streamlined in their design and style, dome surveillance cameras might be the appropriate option to suit your needs. Dome coverings are available in clear and smoked glass or plastic, the latter option which hides the path of the lens. If you would like customers to instantly notice your surveillance cameras in your current store, then it is suggested that you choose a vandal dome, bullet, or box surveillance camera.


The right camera system goes beyond simply recording video. Eclipse Signature Analytics works together with video to also record analytical events such as face detection, line crossing, audio detection, people counting, and much more. Our advanced systems alert and provide you with instant critical information that goes well beyond typical camera systems.

UL Listed Products

Did you know that security products that are not UL listed will not pass inspection in many states and counties? Make sure the security products you purchase are backed by a UL listing under the manufacturer’s name.

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