Retail Store Common Crimes

The retail industry makes billions of dollars every year and not surprisingly, it also loses billions of dollars to shoplifters and employee theft. New HD security cameras are the perfect solution for retail locations and offer various advantages, for instance, decreased retail shrinkage, maximized retail store earnings, reduced insurance premiums, and undoubtedly a reduction in the number of robbery occurrences. CCTV cameras additionally aid in instilling a safer, more welcoming shop atmosphere for customers.

With the variety of alternative HD camera technologies on the market today, it's crucial that you identify the specific surveillance requirements of your retail outlet. Are you going to require interior and exterior surveillance cameras for your retail surveillance system? What exactly is your store’s vulnerable area? Are there any badly illuminated areas of your store? Do you have an aisle or even spot which is more difficult to see as compared to some other areas of your retail store? These are generally a few of the questions to think about when looking for a brand-new retail store surveillance system.

Retail Store Common Crimes

Department store managers are continually struggling with the danger of shoplifting as well as employee robbery. Luckily, HD surveillance camera systems will help decrease in-store robberies such as well-organized retail crime and shoplifting. Shoplifters, as well as workers who recognize the retail store is equipped with retail surveillance cameras, are going to be much less enticed to steal or participate in unlawful activities. Retail store surveillance cameras can easily help you recognize the individual who committed the offense with vibrant, very clear images which are simple to produce.

Shoplifting Concerns

There is a staggering $13.5 billion dollars worth of products and goods estimated to be shoplifted each and every year according to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention. If this is simply not a good reason to install your retail store surveillance system right now, then what is? Seasoned shoplifters can be hard to capture by loss protection officers. Setting up retail security cameras rather than recruiting costly security officers will save you huge sums of money each year and is among the more effective means of apprehending shoplifters.

Employee Crimes

In spite of thorough background investigations as well as interviews, absolutely no manager could ever be 100% guaranteed that a staff member will not steal. Observing playback recorded video on your store CCTV surveillance cameras allows you to see instances of staff theft in order to terminate that individual promptly, press charges, as well as recuperate losses.

Sweethearting Problem

A number of retail store workers will offer unwarranted merchandise discounts to their family and friends by typing in incorrect numbers or perhaps failing to scan a product. Sweethearting can often be overlooked by managers since workers have discovered discrete methods to sell reduced merchandise (or in some instances free items) at the store cash registers. Retail outlet surveillance cameras make sure it is possible for you to capture workers in the act so that you may react the instance it occurs.

Mob Rob Theft

Flash robbing, a somewhat modern class of robbery, has become a major issue in metropolitan areas. Operating its way into another location each day, flash rob robbery is usually carried out by a big number of teenagers or even adolescents who raid a shop to grab products, at the same time tossing and shattering merchandise, yelling or making menacing remarks, and posing a serious danger to the employees as well as consumers. Retail store managers must never get involved or even attempt to use actual physical force during these normally hostile robberies, however possessing retail CCTV cameras documenting the occurrence will assist law enforcement to recognize the individuals.

Organized Crime

There are several big underground shoplifting rings all over the USA. These members are known for simply walking very casually into the department and grocery stores, knabbing high-ticket items such as detergents, diapers, and razors off the store shelves and cramming them in bags, and simply running out of the retail store where they have a waiting getaway driver. Retail store owners and security staff often do not even notice these pro shoplifters until its way too late and merchandise is missing, but retail security camera systems will record and document the perpetrator's progress as he came in and out of the store, providing police the visual evidence they need to identify and put a stop to these rings.

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