CCTV surveillance cameras offer lots of long-term benefits for store owners such as discounts for insurance. Your retail outlet all of a sudden ends up being considerably less of liability any time it happens to be equipped with surveillance cameras. Across the country, State Farm and Farmers Insurance happen to be a few of the numerous insurance coverage providers that provide reduced rates to businesses that have retail security systems installed.

Advanced Performance

Integrated video intelligence, sophisticated features, and enhanced image quality help to make HD video systems an intelligent choice. Analog security camera systems regrettably will not offer megapixel image resolution, significantly reducing the quality as well as the detail of each and every image.

Vandalism and Theft Reduction

Petty burglars are much less likely to steal from your current storefront when they recognize they’re actually being watched by numerous video security cameras. Take additional measures by positioning surveillance cameras in high-theft locations similar to the cash register and also aisles where the illumination and visibility are inadequate.

Remote Viewing
By changing over to network video, you’ll possess remote accessibility to your video camera system. The crucial benefit is the fact you don’t need to be at your company storefront to manage your retail surveillance system; remote accessibility enables video camera viewing and also managing from any kind of Internet-enabled Computer or even mobile phone device.

With HD video and Eclipse View Cloud Management, you may view, record, and manage every one of your cameras at once. Even if you have multiple locations or buildings. There is no need to worry about managing each system separately.