About us

PMA IP Solutions Limited was founded in 2018 in Trinidad & Tobago and forms part of the H&B Engineering Group established in Barbados in 2006. PMA IP Solutions Limited is a regional company with two (2) offices in the English-speaking Caribbean. PMA IP Solutions Limited believes that there is a need for honest Engineering Consultancy, strong ICT Methodologies, and advanced Design Automation in the Commercial, Industrial & Residential Sectors. 

 We offer a full-service portfolio inclusive of planning, designing, system architecture, engineering, project management, and consultancy at competitive prices. We aspire to be recognized as the Caribbean leader in the ICT & Electrical Engineering fraternity. PMA IP Solutions Limited objectives include delivering quality service – “right the first time”, customer-centric focus, and advanced engineering solutions.


For the same price as your average CCTV system, you can take advantage of our advanced analytics. Our smart cameras offer way more than just video recording, they actually help you determine who is intruding on your property when they cross-specific areas and can even count how many people have visited your store.