Many people depend on Check cashing locations across the country. Whether they do not have bank accounts, wire funds, need a notary, PO Box, or simply need a quick loan, check to cash stores to offer their services to thousands of customers daily. It only makes sense that businesses that handle money (like bank locations) should have a well-installed video surveillance system. Security cameras will help protect payday loan stores and check cashing stores from theft, robbery, as well as keep employees, customers, and store assets safe.

Payday Loan Security Camera Benefits

Robbery prevention- Payday Loan/Check cashing franchises are quite often situated in less-than-desirable neighborhoods, this often times makes them a higher risk for vandalism, robbery, and other crimes. Shown to deter crime, surveillance cameras, can keep employees and store assets safe as well as offer protection to customers.
Building protection – Check cashing locations often already have physical security in place. Whether they have an alarm system, barred windows, access control, or even physical blockades. Acting as a barrier between outside threats and the store, physical security plays a huge role in security. CCTV and Security cameras work hand in hand with physical security and help maximize security at payday loan locations.
Ease of use – HD digital surveillance technology has made video surveillance much easier to operate and is more flexible than ever. Newer digital security systems can broadcast high-quality security videos over the internet, making it easy for owners and managers to monitor their check cashing store 24/7. Even better, newer surveillance management systems provide automatic notifications via cell phone, email, or push notification should anything out of the ordinary occurs.

Payday Loan Surveillance Systems Potential Problems

Privacy concerns – Security cameras are fantastic for protecting check cashing/payday loan stores from crimes and robberies, but employee protection and customer privacy should be at the forefront of any installation. Make sure to keep surveillance cameras within public areas such as reception areas, lobbies, and cash processing rooms.

Payday Loan Considerations

There is no doubt that using a surveillance system is one of the best ways to secure a check cashing & payday loan store. Nevertheless, a system that is not designed for your business- exact needs cannot provide proper security. Prior to purchasing or installing a surveillance security system, please consider some of the following recommendations to help determine your surveillance needs.

  • Is your store located in a high-risk neighborhood?
  • Have you experienced any break-ins, crimes, or theft?
  • Do you currently have a security system? If so, what do you have in place?
  • What is your primary business? loans, check cashing, or other?
  • What are your security concerns?

Payday Loan Security Systems Setup Advice

  • Security cameras should be installed in areas where money exchanges hands or is handled: Safe, the cash register, western union, check printer, etc.
  • Place cameras near all entry and exit doors to properly capture & document the faces of all visitors and customers