Next-level security 

Eclipse Signature keeps large or complex sites protected with advanced features and surveillance solutions. The combination of Signature IP cameras and our large-scale Network Video recorders allows us to create a specialized or customized video solution that meets your large business and operational needs. Our solutions have been installed in major cities, airports, train stations, stadiums, and any other complex installations. 

Will Eclipse work for you? 


Yes. Eclipse Signature products are designed with open ONVIF IP standards that allow them to easily connect with existing IP systems and IT equipment. Our hardware is flexible and scalable and will work out of the box with your switches, network, routers, screens, computers, tablets, and smartphones.

next level security

3rd party vms partners

3rd Party VMS partners 

 Eclipse Signature products can handle any sized project but in certain circumstances, there is a need to either tie into an existing VMS provider or the customer has a preference to use a specific VMS. Eclipse Signature works with the largest VMS partners in the security industry. Eclipse partners offer video management and surveillance solutions for most industries or applications. We work with a wide variety of specialized VMS vendors that work specifically with large-scale video management systems that work with thousands of cameras. Since Eclipse has partnered with so many VMS companies, you can be certain to find a high-quality video and security solution that meets your requirements.

With an Eclipse Premier system, you get 

  • High-quality video for identification 
  • Eclipse Signature mobile app for remote access to your Eclipse cameras
  • Simple and accessible recorded surveillance video, which may be exported for evidence via USB or PC
  • Simple yet intuitive surveillance operating system 
  • A reliable security solution that will fit your needs and budget

Grow your system

Eclipse Signature ES Station & Eclipse View software supports all Eclipse Signature video surveillance devices, so you can grow your system as your needs change. Signature offers close integration of IP cameras, smart home cameras, and 3rd party software & hardware to ensure you get the most out of your surveillance system.