eclipse drp

Dealer referral program

Our Eclipse Dealer Referral Program allows our dealers to grow their business with instant sales generated directly from consumers looking to purchase Eclipse products. Being in the security business for well over 25 years, the Eclipse brand is well known and our products are sought after by many businesses, corporations, and consumers. 

Potential customers visit our websites & social media channels looking to purchase our Eclipse products. While most of our customers are referred to dealers in their local area, there are times when local dealers or certain areas are not serviced or a dealer is not available.  

Eclipse offers customers the ability to receive a quote based on their needs. If the customer accepts the quote and proceeds to pay for the products and service, our dealers will be immediately offered the sale to complete the job and reap the profits. 



Authorized dealers will have the choice of accepting the sale and committing to complete the job based on the sale. Dealers will automatically be paid upon completion with no upfront product costs. The cost of the products is automatically deducted from the purchase price at the dealer's cost upon completion of the work. This positions the dealer to directly profit from the sale without upfront costs and without having to generate or work the lead. Eclipse does not profit from any service, labor, or installation costs, this all goes to the dealer direct. 

All quotes will stipulate that there may be additional costs based on wire distances, construction, labor costs, and/or any other unforeseen circumstances. Any changes to quotes will be changed by Eclipse and approved by the customer prior to beginning any work. 


Step 1

Potential customers come across our website or social media content and reach out to us with the intent to purchase products for various projects.

Step 2

The customer is directed to a dealer for direct contact and a quote. In the event a dealer is not available or does not respond Eclipse will offer the customer a quote for products and services. If a customer accepts the quote, we will offer this sale directly to our dealers to complete and finish the job. 

Step 3

Eclipse will provide the products quoted directly to the accepting dealer to complete the work as quoted. 

Step 4

Dealer contacts Eclipse and confirms the work has been performed and completed. Eclipse releases the funds directly to the dealer minus the dealer cost of equipment sold.