ATM video surveillance itself is an industry. ATM locations and surrounding areas make ATM machines susceptible to theft and criminal activity if not properly protected. Installing video surveillance, especially newer HD video security cameras, can help to protect, document, and ensure ATM transactions are safe.

ATM surveillance benefits

Document confrontations and hold-ups – Having security cameras present will enhance the safety around an ATM machine, this makes it less likely that customers will be approached by potential criminals looking to steal their cards or cash.

Stop ATM skimming – ATM Skimming uses special devices to document and record customer information from their bank cards by reading magnetic stripes on the back of the bank cards. ATM security cameras can monitor and record potential skimming operations and even stop them before it starts.

Hidden camera prevention – Criminals have also turned to using small hidden cameras to try and steal ATM pin numbers. Security cameras installed at the ATM can help detect suspicious activity and monitor the ATM as the criminal tries to install the hidden camera.

Digital storage – HD-based security recorders allow the user to store, document, and backup video footage digitally on hard disk drives or even servers. Long-term video footage can be stored for months or years and be archived while also providing advanced search capabilities.

Investigating Criminal Activity- HD surveillance cameras can provide high detailed visual evidence of crimes happening at cash machines. The ability to quickly search through digital video footage for exact times and dates is a smooth and painless process. Since most ATMs are usually left unattended for long periods of time it is important to keep archived video footage which can prove invaluable when a possible incident is reported.

Risks of Security Cameras at Cash Machines

Camera Tampering – If a security camera is tampered with or vandalized by a criminal, you could have video loss and not be able to document the incident. 24-hour ATMs should take other safety precautions to help limit the possibilities of tampering and vandalism. Physical security guards and proper lighting help to keep incidents down to a minimum.

ATM surveillance camera configuration

  • When installing ATM security cameras, consider some of the following factors:
  • Does the ATM machine operate 24 hours a day?
  • Is the current ATM machine attached to a bank?
  • Do you currently have security guards that patrol or monitor the area?
  • Is the ATM machine unattended a majority of the time?
  • Consider the location and neighborhood where the ATM is installed. Is the area conducive to crime?
Setup advice for cash machine security camera
  • We suggest you install a security camera within the ATM so you can get a crystal-clear image with details of all transactions.
  • Position and install the security camera so you may monitor the surrounding area of the cash machine and get a comprehensive view of possible suspicious activity.
  • We suggest you consider using a DVR or NVR that records the actual ATM transactions and syncs the transaction with live video footage. This allows archived footage to be easily sorted out during criminal investigations.
  • Consider using physical contact or alarm triggers to send alerts to a central station or mobile phone. This will instantly notify someone when a physical break-in or vandalism is occurring.

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