HD-TVI Camera Technology

Commonly known as: TVI,TVI HD, HD TVI, HD-TVI

HD-TVI is the most recent in HD Analog technology. HD-TVI solutions are able to transmit zero latency for both 720p or 1080p HD video by using normal coax cabling up to 1600’. Tribrid HD-TVI recorders are compatible with all HD-TVI security cameras, all analog cameras, IP surveillance cameras, on any channel or configuration.

HD-TVI provides similar resolution to the other HD CCTV formats available. HD-TVI offers high quality images that are capable of longer transmissions. HD-TVI is the most flexible option for hybrid capabilities, camera compatibility and overall installation configurability.

Capabilities of HD-TVI 
Max Res1080p
Distance of Transmission (RG59) Coaxial Cable1600 ft
 (CAT5) Twisted Pair700 ft 
DVR CompatibilityAnalog CCTVAny channel, in any configuration
HDAny channel may be an HD-TVI camera, in any configuration
IPSome DVRs support IP cameras. Many support 2 channels of IP in any configuration
Protocol StandardsN/A

Benefits & Features of HD-TVI 

Supports 720p and 1080p HD-TVI cameras and 960H Analog.

Supports up to 720p,1080p and 960H Analog cameras. 

Transmits with "0" latency over standard coax cable. 

Backwards compatibility with any analog cameras and coaxial cables.

Great support for long-distance installations

Digital zoom in both live and playback mode

“Tri-brid” recorder accepts standard definition analog (CIF-960H), HD-TVI (720p & 1080p) and supported IP cameras, on any channel, in any configuration

HD-TVI Limitations

Does not display 1080p full HD resolution

Comparison: HD-TVI vs. Other HD Analog Formats

 Great image quality vs. HD-CVI and AHD

 Has the longest transmission distance for all resolutions

Compatibility with the most analog & HD cameras

Most flexible for DVR channel configuration

Only HD format to provide IP camera support on up to 2 channels


Their is no disadvantage to HD Analog formats