Security cameras are one of the top technologies used to prevent and document burglaries. The simple fact that you have a visible security camera is often times enough might scare off a would be intruder. No criminal wants to be recorded or leave evidence. Security cameras document actual burglaries and give police vital information to help identify and find suspected criminals.

Why Do You Need Security Cameras?

There are many reasons why you need security cameras but the two main reasons are simple. You need cameras when you are home and when you are away. In both these circumstances, there are various ways that surveillance cameras help to make life a easier as well as safer.

While you're home:

home security monitoring

Many homeowners do not think you need security cameras when they are at home, but you'd be surprised just how useful security cameras can be while you are home.

  • Cameras allow you to see who is at your front door from any room in your house. This is especially convenient during the middle of the night when you hear a noise or suspect someone may be outside your home.
  • Cameras may be used as baby monitors.
  • Cameras allow you to monitor family members throughout your home, and helps to monitor those key areas that may be off-limits, like your gun safe,  workshop or cleaning supply closet.
  • Cameras allow for monitoring an elderly family member by installing cameras in those key areas where they spend the most time. Camera systems even allow you to monitor them from another room, or while you're away from home.
  • Monitor your Nanny or Maid while they work throughout your home to make sure that duties are being performed. 

While you're away:

Surveillance cameras are not simply for catching criminals or burglars in the act - they provide you peace of mind when it comes to your kids, family, and your property by keeping you informed and allowing 24hr access to you see what's going.

  • Catch a criminal, vandals or burglar on recorded video while they try to break in or are in the act.
  • Monitor your family pets while you're away or traveling.
  • Get alerts or emails when the kids come home from school.
  • Confirm any possible home alarm systems that go off by visibly connecting confirming a break-in  or confirming its a false alarm.
  • Monitor your nanny or babysitter while you're away or at work.
  • Monitor all suspicious behavior surrounding your home. This includes strangers that may be lingering or scoping out your home.
  • Check in on any maintenance crews or construction workers that may be working on your home while you are away.

Types of Video Security Cameras

There is certainly a large selection of security cameras, and each and every one serves up a unique purpose. There are fixed lens cameras, PTZ Cameras, night vision cameras and even motion detection cameras, there is basically a CCTV camera for virtually every scenario.

When shopping for security cameras, it is important to keep in mind that many cameras will have complex features, for example: "indoor vs outdoor, pan and tilt cameras, night vision, analytics" or "fixed lens, adjustable lens, motorized lens, dome IP cameras." We have created a quick list below that will help you better understand your options and help you select the right camera.

Her's the most common security cameras features on the market today:

Basic Cameras with a Fixed Position

A fixed security camera is a generic purpose camera that does simply does not move, change directions, or zoom zoom in optically.

Pan and Tilt or Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

PTZ Camera

Pan and tilt cameras allow you to easily adjust direction of the cameras, you can change direction, or zoom in on objects, and can follow a moving object that shouldn't be in an area - depending on the model you choose.PTZ cameras have the ability to move 360º, they may be angled up and down and side to side because of the built in motor, and these movements can be controlled remotely from your smartphone or other web-enabled device.

Wireless or Wi-Fi Cameras

wireless security camera

Many of todays cameras offer wireless capability. Wireless surveillance cameras use your existing Wi-Fi  connection to stream live video and are easy to connect and setup. You even have the option of customizing your wireless IP security cameras and controlling them from a PC, Mac or smart phone. The fact that you do not need to run a wire makes these types of cameras desirable to consumers. b

Night Vision Cameras

Night vision security cameras use infrared technology (IR) to illuminate those poorly lit areas and record visible footage at night.

outdoor security camera

Outdoor or Exterior Cameras

Exterior cameras are meant to work in harsh environments and almost all outdoor cameras offer infrared night vision. These surveillance cameras are important for documenting and observing who is on the perimeter of home or who may be at the door without opening it, they even allow you to monitor your front or back yard.

Motion Detection Cameras

Motion detection cameras can begin recording as soon as they sense any movement, this allows you to only record video that is important and you don't record hours of useless video footage. Some types of motion detection cameras, like some of our pan and tilt cameras, can actually lock in on a moving object and follow it automatically.

HD Coax Cameras

HD Coax cameras are the latest in technology for replacing older analog systems that used coax cabling. These HD cameras allow you to simply replace older analog cameras and analog DVRs with new HD models within minutes. These newer systems allow you to take advantage of your existing cabling without rerunning new wiring. 

Hidden / Covert Cameras

Covert or Hidden cameras, also known as nanny-cameras, allow you to install cameras that are concealed and hidden to the common person. These cameras are used to catch and spy on behavior that may be hard to detect otherwise. These cameras allow you to keep an eye on your babysitter or watch your kids when they are home alone to make sure everything is alright.

dome security camera

Dome Cameras

These security cameras are shaped like domes and may be used both indoor and outdoors. Many of these cameras offer infrared lighting and come with a tamper proof design. Dome cameras may be ceiling or wall mounted and offer additional back boxes for easy installation. Some key features you will find on dome cameras is tinted dome covers to mask where the camera is facing as well as optional motorized lenses to remotely control the lens from anywhere you are.

Network IP Cameras, Webcams or Netcams

Network IP cameras are a digital video cameras that send and receive video via a computer network or broadband connection. Many consumers know these cameras webcams - however these cameras are far from simple netcams. IP cameras only need one wire for installation and offer the ability to be remotely viewed from anywhere. These cameras are by far the easiest for consumers to install and offer the highest resolution possible of all the security camera technologies. 

Eclipse Security offers a large selection of Surveillance Technology for Homes.

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