Eclipse Surveillance in partnership with Nuovo Security launches new software for Latin America

The alliance between our partner corporate partner Nuovo Security (winner of the second place at the 2014 ALAS Awards) and Eclipse is helping to provide new options to the video surveillance market. 

 Nuovo Security installed more than 1,700 different Eclipse Surveillance products with different technologies, such as analog, SDI, IP and DVR Hybrid DVRs. Eclipse software also known as SAGA, is latest product recently launched and developed by Nuovo and Eclipse Surveillance. The award winning software allows for management integration with multiple technologies on a single platform. The project combined multiple locations using various Eclipse Surveillance technologies and allowed all technologies to be managed and viewed live from one central monitoring hub. Since the software is not limited to one surveillance video technology, Nuovo was able to merge existing and new camera feeds into one system using the new Eclipse Software and SAGA system. There are no limitations in technology for those applications where a single management and control center is warranted.

The new alliance product comes to complement a service portfolio that consists of:

SAGA software is used specifically for the Columbian Market while Eclipse markets the ECLIPSE RADAR version outside the Columbian market and offers the service worldwide.

 The integration system integrates video surveillance from any type of camera , NVR, or DVR , regardless of its brand and technology and integrates them into unique management video system.

100% developed by Nuovo Security & Eclipse. The software is completely customizable and works directly with the customers needs. Such is the case with the Government of the Atlantic which suggested the following changes and soon will be incorporated :

Continuous connectivity .
5 minutes storage in the cloud.
Viewing from any device.

Reach out to us if you are interested in implementing a project with our new video management system. Only available through Eclipse Surveillance.