Eclipse is constantly looking for ways to better implement surveillance into consumers daily lives. Our latest endeavor has produced one of the most sophisticated video intercoms systems you will find.  Unlike older generation video intercoms that simply allowed you to view someone at your door, our new VIP series video intercoms allow you to speak with your visitors from anywhere you have an internet connection. This means you can use your 3G, 4G or even Wi-Fi connection to see, monitor or even speak to your visitors. Our powerful line of video intercoms work with your smartphones, tablets and computers to alert you of any visitor at your front door. The push notification will allow you to begin streaming a live video stream while having a conversation with your visitor just as if you were at home. This is just one key feature on our long list of newly added functions to our line. 

Our VIP systems also offer the ability to have inter-room communication. Additional monitors may be installed in key areas such as bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and even outdoors in patio areas. The system provides home owners with full communication throughout their home and any of the monitors can answer a visitor that comes to your door. The monitors only use 2 wires to communicate, so installation is no longer a chore. The monitors also allow you to record video onto an SD card so you always have incidents recorded and saved for playback. 

Our new VIP intercoms also offers home owners the ability to leave family members direct messages. You can leave your children a reminder that you may be late today or maybe leave your spouse a reminder that groceries need to be done. 

One of the most amazing features our new Video Door Intercoms have is the ability to view your other security cameras on the very same intercom monitors. This means that you can use your finger to scroll through your security cameras and monitor your home perimeter. Any noises coming from outside your home can now be monitored from practically anywhere in your home or smartphone. No longer do you have to get up and walk to your television where your security camera system is plugged in. Your family can feel safe and secure knowing you can keep a watchful eye on your entire property. Our video intercom even allows you to tie in your existing alarm system so you can can be alerted of any opened doors or movement from a motion detector. 

Our front door intercom camera offers a wide angle view with built in infrared to give you the best possible video. The front door camera video can also be recorded directly to your Eclipse NVR so all visitor interaction is documented for long periods of time. This feature is something you simply do not get with competitor video intercoms. The full integration and advanced features gives consumers the possible video intercom in the market today. 

Look for the new intercoms before the holiday season on Dec 12th.