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Eclipse security understands that you have choices when it comes to selecting your security products provider. Our program was designed to help your business increase your ROI. The ECLIPSE Dealer Program was specifically created and modified over the past 20 yrs to deliver REAL PROFITS, ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, MARKET IMPACT to our dealers.

Dealership has its privileges:

Differentiated Products


For 20yrs Eclipse has offered high-performance, high-quality, limited distribution products that allows dealer to stand out from the competition.

Protected Pricing


Dealers receive very competitive pricing, dealer reward discounts, and enforced policies to protect your competetive edge. Deep discounts increase with longer membership.

Technical Support


Eclipse offers a very strong technical support staff. We cater to both English and Spanish customers. We help dealers by providing both pre-and post-sale support, official training and job layouts... all specifically designed to close more projects..

Lead Generation


Our dealer program includes online lead generation and lead referrals. Our website generates a vast amount of customer leads which offers new business and installation opportunities direct to your company.

The Partner Advantage

The Dealer

Exclusive products, promotions and offers strictly for our Certified Dealer Partners. Direct access to Eclipse sales and technical support teams give you the ability to focus on sales and offer unique products to your customers.


It's easy to Get Started

One Call is all it takes ... 888.422.8826 or

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Large Product Selection

The latest in HD technology in various formats


FULL Support

We help you close more business with Pre- and post-sale support

Dedicated Technical       Support

Dedicated Technical

Access tech support via Live Chat on your mobile device or call our dedicated number.

Comprehensive       Sales Support

Sales Support

Expert sales engineers,account managers,and tech reps to help you close more business

Advance Replacement


We offer a 3yr warranty with no-hassle product replacement

Sales       Enablement


We offer the resources and tools to help your sales team be more effective.


Dealer Training & Certification

All Eclipse Dealers have unlimited access to our technical learning programs and resources, designed to help our Dealers expand their knowledge. We provide the tools they need to compete within the security business. We offer online videos and demos, webinars, and Eclipse certification courses.

Become a Dealer Today!


Eclipse dealers can take advantage of our Dealer Program to receive leads, continue education, discount promotions and unique products. Features include:

  • Eclipse offers dedicated website branding and design. Eclipse can help you brand your own business and help with local online search traffic
  • We offer products branded with OEM labels with your business information.
  • Drop shipping directly to your customers with your company info.
  • One on One direct training with your techs or sales staff.
  • Promotional materials for direct sales to your customers with no cost to you.
  • Eclipse Brand and Name recognition will help with your direct sales.
  • Dealer direct products and pricing structure to maximize your margains

Direct Source for Security Products

Eclipse offers Dealers direct access to a strong line of video security products, access control solutions, and related peripherals. Products include:

  • Eclipse Access Control Solutions
  • Eclipse HD Hybrid Recorders
  • Eclipse Tribrid Recorders
  • Video Analytics
  • HD Megapixel IP Cameras
  • HD Analog Cameras and Systems
  • Mobile Vehicle Security Solutions
  • City Wide Video Monitoring Software

Product categories include:

  • HD Analog Security Cameras
  • HD-SDI Security Cameras
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras
  • HD-TVI, AHD and CVI Cameras
  • IP Cameras
  • Bodyworn Cameras
  • Covert Cameras
  • HD Analog Security DVRs
  • IP Recording Solutions

Customer Service available Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5:30pm EST

Contact us: [email protected] or Give us a call: 888-422-8826