ECL-SPS200100 Solar Cell Panel with Built-in Battery
ECL-SPS200100 Solar Cell Panel with Built-in Battery
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ECL-SPS200100 Solar Cell Panel with Built-in Battery

ECL-SPS200100 Solar Cell Panel with Built-in Battery
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Part Number: ECL-SPS200100
Eclipse CCTV
  • Features:
  • 200W panel supports up to 80W load
  • Up to 96 hours of sunless run time
  • 80% battery capacity even after 2000 charge cycles
  • Lithium-Ion 1280WH battery pack (removable)
  • 8 ~ 10 year life span
  • Monosilicon solar panel
  • Download Specs: Download Specs
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The ECL-SPS200100 is a 200W monocrystalline solar panel kit with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that offers 12V/24VDC output, 100Ah(1280WH), and a waterproof IP67 rating for off-grid systems. The solar panel offers a long cycle life with a rechargeable lithium battery to ensure reliable performance and continuous power output with a rated capacity of 1280Wh. The solar panel can provide up to 96hrs of sunless runtime and offers an 8 ~ 10-year life span.  The complete kit is suitable for a variety of installation types. Designed for areas where power is not available or is unreachable. Perfect for CCTV, access control, gates, construction sites, warehouse, farms, ranches, pool houses, and other remote sites where power is needed but not available.

ECL-SPS200100 Panel

Monosilicon solar panel

Supports 200W load with up to 96 hours of sunless run time. Added protection to all four corners. Silicone cells are uniform in color with no chromatic distortions. No burnt spots or bubbles. High-quality craftsmanship with long life expectancy. 

solar panel back

IP67 weather resistance

The junction box and cables are waterproof.  Wire core can withstand high current surpassing safety & regulations requirements. Offers a conversion efficiency of 19-20%. 

controller leds

LED status indicators & controller

LED status indicators located on the side of the battery allow easy detection and post-installation maintenance with low power consumption. The LEDs are clearly labeled for easy reading of status. Built-in charge MPPT controller provides comprehensive protection.

removable battery

Removable battery

Our solar panels offer a removable battery that can also be replaced easily. The battery is waterproof and moisture-proof. The built-in lithium battery offers 12V/24VDC at 100Ah to ensure reliable performance and continuous power output. Rated capacity reached 1280Wh.

Swivel mount

Pole bracket

The ECL-SPS200100 comes with a pole bracket. If the customer wants to wall mount the ECL-SPS200100 the installer will need to offset the bracket from the wall using 3rd party accessories from the local hardware store.

ECL-SPS200100 bracket

Side View

Side bracket view before installation.  

power connector

Power connector

No rocker switch, powers on when plugged in. The plug is sealed avoiding problems of poor connection due to the external environment.


Use Cases

Eclipse CCTV Solar Panels
Forest fire detection

Fire Detection

Use our solar panels in conjunction with our Eclipse fire detection cameras to monitor and prevent the spread of forest fires. 

solar cctv city parks

Park Surveillance

Deploy our Eclipse CCTV solar panels at local parks to keep visitors safe from crime.

eclipse solar cctv for construction sites

Construction Sites

Install Eclipse CCTV solutions at construction sites to monitor progress and deter crime. 

farm solar cctv

Farms CCTV

Farms & agriculture are perfect locations for solar CCTV. Keep an eye on crops and property from anywhere. 

cctv solar for boat marinas

Marina Surveillance & Lighting

Solar surveillance is key for marinas. The limitation of power and internet bodes well for the use of solar surveillance with Wi-Fi or cellular remote viewing. 

solar cctv for highways

Highway Surveillance

Highways and freeways are prime candidates for surveillance monitoring with solar technology.  

solar access control

Access Control

Eclipse solar panels can also be used to power tele-entry units, gate cameras, and intercom systems that are hard to hardwire. 

Solar panels for gate entrances

Gate Entry Surveillance & Lighting

Solar panels are great for monitoring gate entry and exits and can also provide lighting for dark areas.

eclipse cctv solar for LPR

LPR Recording and Monitoring

Deploy our Eclipse solar panels to remote areas to capture license plates of visitors—the perfect solution for high-security areas and remote parking lots.

solar panels for parking lots

Parking Lot Surveillance & Lighting

Eclipse solar solutions are perfect for parking lots and large venues that help keep patrons and visitors safe. Use our Starblaze cameras to also light key areas that are dark.  

solar solution for gate motors

Gate Motors

Solar is not only used for CCTV. Use our Eclipse solar solutions to power gate motors where power is an issue. Double up your solar panels and add CCTV and lighting with full battery backup.

Solar lighting

Solar Lighting

Take advantage of Eclipse solar panels with built-in batteries to provide lighting to customers. Light up key areas of concern and keep vulnerable areas well-lit.

solar cctv for public utilities

Protect Utilities

Use our solar panels to protect utility stations and cell towers from vandalism. Monitor remote sites via cellular or long-range Wi-Fi and get alerted when events occur. 

charging station security

Charging Station Security & Lighting

Charging stations are prime locations for surveillance and lighting. Eclipse CCTV solar panels can help protect patrons visiting stations and charging their vehicles. 

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