Guess who's back? CCTVOUTLET.COM and ECLIPSECCTV.COM are officially pointing to our new ECLIPSESURVEILLANCE.COM website! Our domains are back where they belong, with the original founder and owner of the Eclipse Brand,  Jose "Joe" Pimentel. 

We want to apologize to everyone for all the mix up and confusion during this past year. These issues are now behind us and we look forward to the future. You can feel confident in knowing that our old domains are officially in our hands as they were originally when Jose Pimentel first registered the domain names well over a decade ago. 

You can send emails to any of the above domain names as before and we will receive them. Our main and principle email address will come from, but any responses or emails going to any of our old domains will funnel to us directly. 

All Eclipse or Max products come directly through Eclipse Surveillance & Eclipse CCTV. We ARE the source for all things Eclipse Security. Any purchases made outside of Eclipse CCTV or Eclipse Surveillance are considered non-official and may not be covered under warranty, returns or tech support. 

Official Eclipse Product Channels are:
CCTV Outlet Corp direct Purchase via FT Lauderdale office or Miami Branch.