Upgrading older analog cameras systems to High Definition surveillance can be a headacheUntil recently, there were few options. 960H was the highest possible analog video you could transmit or record but the resolution limitation still exists and 960H does not allow you to transmit full HD. The other option was to simply swap out the system for an IP camera system that basically replaced your existing coax based system but requires you to re-wire your entire system which is very costly.  
AHD has made the transition from Analog to HD painlessAHD which stands for, "Analog High Definition"was developed to close the gap between analog systems and new HD systems.  AHD blows past the transmission distance limitations of existing HD-SDI solutions while surpassing 960H analog cameras with full HD 1080p video using the same cablesThe new HD analog solution supports video transmission over traditional coaxial cable up to 500 meters allowing customers to use their existing wiring while upgrading to full HD. One of the key aspects to AHD is the fact that it inherits the same advantages of traditional analog solutionsthe video signals remain uncompressed, while keeping the original video details. AHD achieves high definition compressed, no latency, lossless video 
AHD supports progressive scan CMOS image sensors, which delivers 1.0 megapixel, 1.3 megapixel, or 2 megapixel resolution with added support for ICR filters for full night time viewing and true day/night video surveillance; and all of this is achieved while continuing to use the traditional analog plug and play mythology. 

Upgrading your older analog system has never been easier and Eclipse offers a full range of AHD security cameras and systems. Simply use your existing coax cabling already in place and swap out your old cameras and DVRs to new Eclipse AHD technology for an instant upgrade to the HD digital world.